w/ Very Special Guest TIPPER

When: Friday, December 9, 2011, 8pm to 2am
Where: Sonar & The Talking Head Club

The ambitious production company, MANIFEST, has brought the Baltimore scene together in a >> culmination of individual artistic creativity, cooperative community, and introspection << to bring one of the most experimental, psychedelic, and forward-thinking electronic producers to the East Coast.  Advertised as “An Epic Night of Creative Self-Expression”, MANIFEST brings Introspect with special guest, Tipper, to the Sonar & Talking Head Club.

The layout for the evening seems to be ideal for welcoming such a special guest to the East Coast.  The space offers a multi-faceted and conscious oriented environment that includes a huge variety of culture and arts.  Beginning with musical variety, the supporting acts include various combinations of electronic and live performances, covering the wide spectrum electronic music has to offer.  Locally grown, Telesma, brings a theatrical performance to the stage with organic sounding music featuring predominately live instruments, combining world and tribal with rock and roll and electronica.  Tek Subport moves the variety a little closer to EDM as the electronic, live, and improv group will be accompanied by spoken-word by Alexa Grey of MANIFEST and singer-songwriter Sarah Boan.  The most mischievous J Kanizzle of BMIR radio and DC’s Mischief will bring the audience to the other end of the spectrum with heavy bass dance music. And finally, pushing the music one-step forward will be the headliner, Tipper.

David Tipper has been steadily developing a unique sound that has led to a style, some call “Intelligent Bass Music”. While in the past, Tipper’s sets ranged from jazz fusion to glitch, the producer has recently settled into a style that combines glitch, hip-hop, and bass to bring forward-thinking dance music among the ranks of Amon Tobin, Plaid, and Squarepusher. Tipper most recently ended his tour, “Tipper Sound Experience”, where he preformed alongside some of the highest production quality stages in the country, including UK’s number one sound system, Funktion One, and a sound-reactive light rig known as AudioPixel. The tour ran along several intimate festivals along the west coast, often placed as the headliner. The tour ended in San Francisco where the Tipper Sound Experience was accompanied by visionary art mixologist, Johnathan Singer, whose work was projected on six screens surrounding the dance floor. More recently, Tipper graced New Orleans’ House of Blues alongside Alex and Allyson Grey and Orchard Lounge. One of Tipper’s best attributes is his focused stage presence – it’s quite a treat to watch a genius at work. Tipper is bringing his sound across the country, gracing intimate spaces and special occasions, as thrown by MANIFEST.

While Manifest’s night was advertised only recently, the crew, including Alexa Grey, Soohan and Johhny Thorne, has showed immense coordination and cooperation to create the perfect atmosphere for such a headliner. The space will include an interactive art installation, brought by NoirFlux, plus decoration by Psy Lotus, body painting by Jeramie Ballmay, and various artists and vendors. The event will also include some community service through a Toy Drive for the local children’s hospital. This all-encompassing, conscious-oriented, and accepting atmosphere aims to create openness and comfort in hopes of inspiring meaningful interaction and introspection. Furthermore, Tipper’s intricate and thoughtful music will undoubtedly inspire all attendees to bring out their creative side. The environment will create a warm welcoming for all guests, as well as for Tipper. As a member of MANIFEST writes, “Bring it back so you can dance the 9th away”.

– Leslie Elmore

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