No ‘skins? No problem. Lend us your ears this evening instead.

If you have not read any of mnml ssgs excellent coverage of the Labyrinth festival the name Donnacha Costello might as well be a another Serie A footballer. For those who know he is among the very few artists who wowed the very discerning Japanese techno crowd from the inside of a teepee via one of the world’s most sought after sound systems. His latest release is a pairing with Ireland’s Lerosa for a diverse set of afterhours tunes off the apnea label.

Donnacha and his contemporaries are currently among the forefront of what is unfortunately described as headf*ck techno. The unfortunate aspect is of course that this term is still the best way to describe the genre. Building on dubby, spacy and raw techno over many hours the headf*ck techno musicians are experts in warping senses of beats, measures and feeling such that the listener is forever changed.

Donnacha’s demo on the Geist Company is among the shorter piecespieces though each makes for perfect fall home listening. Others can be found in abundance on mnml ssgs website.

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